NY Mets: 1 Edwin Diaz trade scenario that does make sense

Plenty of New York Mets fans are ready to subtract Edwin Diaz from their lives. I understand. He has been immensely frustrating the whole time he has been here outside of the 2020 season which had its own hiccups with the ball club.

It has been a long road to have any trust with Diaz. He started off so poorly in 2019. Many have yet to forgive him.

Ready to wheel and deal him out of town this winter, the argument back that many are making is “who do you get to replace him?” It’s a fair jab back because there really aren’t too many better options out there—at least none that won’t potentially put the Mets back in the same position all over again. Diaz has underperformed to expectations and so could any other guy they bring in.

The 1 Edwin Diaz trade scenario that makes the most sense for the Mets

Who says you can’t trade Diaz in a package to another team and land their closer?

Diaz first came to the Mets in more than a simple swap involving a major leaguer and a couple of prospects. His trade was a loaded-up blockbuster of a move. Veterans changed uniforms. Prospects found new homes. And one star player went from closing games with the Seattle Mariners to doing it with the New York Mets.

It’s not the simplest scenario by any stretch of the imagination—and believe me, I have plenty of it. I actually thought I woke up looking handsome today.

Identifying the closer the Mets bring in is the hard part. You need a team with the desire to actually want to rent Diaz for a season and have the will to give up their closer in the process. All the while, the Mets need to come out of the trade believing they are the winners even if things are quite even.

I don’t think it would happen but a perfect setup for some trade talks would involve the Milwaukee Brewers. Diaz for Josh Hader isn’t a logical move for the Brewers to make given the extra year of control their closer has right now and how incredibly well he has performed for them this year. Sweeten up the deal by maybe giving them a bat to help their weak offense, we move a little closer to a done deal. They have had a need at first base for years. You guys interested in Dominic Smith?

The Mets would need to get something else back as well in this scenario I have fingerpainted. You can play online GM and figure out the perfect trade. Just, please, ask a Brewers fan for their take, too.

Certainly, there are other options out there as well. A lot of pieces do need to fit to make it work. If you have your doubts about him, so will big league general managers.

The point I’m circling around is that there is a way to trade Diaz and replace him. I would imagine it’s a slim chance. However, with his free agency offseason coming up after the 2022 season, it’s time to start thinking about a future without him.