Fantasy Football live updates: Week 6 waiver wire, adds, drops, sleepers, rankings, Devontae Booker analysis and more

“What would your approach be if you own Russell Wilson? I was thinking Lawrence or Heineke might be the best long-term solutions, but also wondering if streaming for the next month might be a better options?” – Tommy H.

There have been quite a few questions about Russell Wilson this morning, so I am going to try and answer all of them at once. In regards to dropping Wilson, I would do anything I could not to do that. Hopefully your league has an IR, but this decision entirely depends on league size and bench size. I would ask anyone with a specific question about Wilson to reach out to me with specific details from your league as my answer will change from person to person.

Getting back to Tommy’s question, I think streaming is certainly the way to go. If those are the options available you are better off playing matchups for the time being.