BUX amalgamates crypto investing with investment app

Beginning today, BUX will be introducing cryptocurrencies to flagship investing app, BUX Zero, in a phased rollout to clients in The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Ireland.

The addition of cryptocurrencies now allows investors to access a 360-degree solution for building a diversified portfolio which also includes shares and ETFs. BUX Zero clients will be able to invest in more than 20 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

“We are proud to be able to offer a 360-degree investing solution for the modern investor. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and we believe that for investors to build balanced portfolios, we need to be able to offer a selection of assets that are valuable for all of our clients, said Yorick Naeff, CEO, BUX. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies offer innovative solutions that may prove to become a new way of hedging against a global economic crisis as well as disrupting old economic models that no longer serve the modern investor.”

Demystifying cryptocurrencies for the modern investor

Through delivering in-depth and informative content around cryptocurrencies, BUX is ensuring that consumers have access to the correct information about different asset classes. This will help make investors make well-informed investing decisions. Clients will also have access to in-app daily news and market analysis to get a comprehensive overview of market trends and activity.

Investing in cryptocurrency with peace of mind

BUX Zero works with acclaimed security platform Fireblocks to ensure that BUX Zero client investments are well-protected using cryptographic technology, specifically multi-party computation (MPC). This is in addition to a strict security policy. All communications with BUX Zero are encrypted all the way down to BUX servers, with the encryption of at least TLS version 1.2, as required by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. Additionally, BUX closely monitors all traffic patterns to keep out potential malicious parties. Funds will be monitored in real time, keeping most funds in cold storage.


At the release of cryptocurrencies on BUX Zero the buying and selling of crypto assets will be zero commission.

BUX acquired European social cryptocurrency investment platform, Blockport in January of 2020 and launched BUX Crypto shortly after in April of 2020. The consolidation into BUX Zero is a progression for the company to create a single destination for investors to build a well-balanced investment portfolio. BUX will continue to introduce cryptocurrencies to other markets in the coming year.